Successful Treatment Using Bi-Digital 0-Ring Test for the Patient with Hemiparesis After Head Injury. Report of a Case.

Satoshi Ayuzawa1), Heiichi Yano2), Junko Ohkubo3), Osamu Ishida4), Takao Enomoto l), Tadao Nose l).

1) Department of Neurosurgery, University of Tsukuba.

2) Intemal Medicine, Kashiwa Hospital, Jikei University School of Medicine.

3) Okubo Dental Office, 4) Ishida Dental Office


[Case Report] A Forty-four year-old male who had severe head injury by traffic accident on April 29, 1993. Computed tomography (CT) of the brain demonstrated traumatic subarachnoidal hemorrhage in the quadrigeminal cistern of the lea side which suggested the existence of diffuse brain injury with brain stem damage. He was discharged home in 1 month time, but with lea hemiparesis including face and slight dysarthria. On May 28, l996, 3 years after the injury, Bi-Digital O-Ring Test was performed. A examination, he was able to wan without support, but he could not jump on the left foot. Brain CT showed no abnormality. Examination with Bi-Digital n|Ring Test revealed Treponema Pal1idum infection in the cerebrospinal system, however, the serological test including STS, TPHA, PTA-ABS were all negative. Bi-Digital 0-Ring Test also indicated the deposit of aluminium (Al) and mercury (Hg). Clarithromycin 200mg 2 times/day and a proper quantity of Chinese Parsley 3 times/day were administered with some

drug uptake enhance methods. 17 days later, on re-examination, he was found to be picking up regarding left hemiparesis and he could jump on the lea foot. Resonance phenomenon of Treponema Pallidum, as well as A1 and Hg, were not found. Thirty-one days after the first examination he became even better and he could jump more rhythmically, and his dysarthria also improved subjectively.

[Discussion] Sub-clinical infection and deposit of some metals in the nervous system must be considered as a cause of neurological deficit. Bi-Digital O-Ring Test is very useful methods to detect them.

Corresponding address; I- l- 1, Tennodai, Tsukdba, Ibaraki,305,JAPAN.

Automatic Measuring & Recording System of Muscle Force Change During The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test Using Compressed Air Driving System: Particularly on the Initial Muscle Force Changes During the Opening Stages of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

Yasuhiro Shimotsuura, M.D., F.I.C.A.E.

Director. Shimotsuura Hospital ; Executive Secretary, Japan Bi-Digital O-Ring Test Assotiation;ORT Life Science Research Institute. Kurume, Japan;Research Associate, Heart Disease Research Foundation, New York.Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., ScD., F.A.C.A., F.I.C.A.E.


Purpose: In order to automatically and objectively evaluate muscle force during Bi-Digital O-Ring Test examination, we developed O-Ring Test automatic recording systems and evaluated them.

Materials & Methods: 2 male patients with gingivitis (45 year old & 62 year-old) were used as experimental subjects. I ) Control measurements were taken without stimulating pathological area. 2) While minute force was applied on the pathological area, changes in Bi-Digital O-Ring muscle force were measured repeatedly with or without Wyeth Amoxicilline 500mg capsule. 3) 2 identical L-C resonance circuits consisting of lH & 10F were placed either parallel or perpendicular position to each L-C circuit and one of them were placed on the palm of one hand of the subject being tested and change in muscle strength in the other hand were measured.

Results & Discussion.. 1) When pathological area (gingivitis) was stimulated with slight mechanical force, 0-Ring opened, in shorter time with steeper rising angle than control. 2) When pathological area was stimulated with slight mechanical force, while holding Wyeth Amoxicilline 5OOmg capsule, time required to open Bi-Digital O-Ring prolonged significantly with decreased slope of rising phase. 3) 2 L-C circuits placed in parallel position, 0-Ring opened shorter time with steeper rising angle than the 2 non-identical L-C circuits. 4) When 2 identical L-C circuits is placed perpendicular to each other, before 0-Ring open, longer time duration is required with reduced slope of rising phase. Slight mechanical force is applied when pathological area, not only the muscle strength is diminished but also time duration required, before initial phase of O-Ring opening is also shortened.

O-Ring Test and " Cranial Diode Therapy "

Masaki Sato

lbaragi Prefecture Oriental Medicine O-Ring Study Group


We have developed ''Cranial Diode Therapy" (CDT) which improves brain functions and consequently treats the entire body as veil. This can be achieved by first finding abnormal areas by 0-Ring Test and then by simply putting a diode - equipped net on the patient's head.

A child With Marinesco - Sjogren syndrome, atrophy of the cerebellum and cataracts, is able to alk@and has even climbed Mt. Tateyama with aid. An earlier MRI had shown negative results. The foot ? drop of the cerebral palsy disappeared in four months and the child's heels could be put on the ground. Meningitis and cerebral tumor developed. But the patient did not suffer from seguelae. Not even a trace of seguelae appeared on the brain CT.

This therapy has been effective not only With brain related diseases such as autism, aphasia epilepsy and learning disabilities, but also With entire body related diseases such as stopic dermatitis, asthma and valetudinarianism.

A standard net has some 170 diodes, aligned horizontally and vertically. It is approximately 14 centimeters from the top of the head to the auricle. It is Horizontally divided into five areas : within two of Which diodes are placed horizontally 'every 2cm and 3cm each, and within three of Which they are placed vertically every lcm, 4cm and 4cm each. The diodes are even more effective When arranged in a figure 8.

The diodes also produce good results Then one to three of them are directly applied to areas of the head Which test Weak by O-Ring Test.

However, treatment can be performed for affected.

Most patients could benefit from wearing a net one. to three times a day for 30 minutes at a time. This can be done by the patient anytime, anywhere.

Address : 1-l9-36 0odaira,Hitachinaka, Ibaragi,312 Japan Phone : 029-272-5593

Clinical Data on AcupuncturaI / Moxibustion and Cancer

(Utilization of ORT, U)

Sumio Arima The Society for the Study of the n|Ring in Oriental Medicine in Kumamoto Prefecture


Since l983 When I treated a terminal patient who had malignant melanoma, I have been treating other patients with cancer by acupuncture/moxibustion. The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (ORT) has been an extremely viable tool in finding, observing and treating cancer, and for advising patients about nutritional supplementation. The cancer patients our clinic are categorized into: 1) patients termed incurable by modern medicine, 2) patients needing post surgical treatment and 3) patients Whose carcinoma cannot be detected even by using the most advanced medical technology, including by imagine diagnosis.

In this paper, the author would like to report further on the patient on whom the author made a presentation at the 4th ORT Annual Symposium

Clinical development : The patient is a 67-year-old Woman, suffering from cancer of the rectum. In July 1991 ORT showed signs of cancer.. I recommended that she have a medical examination, which showed a high TM level of CEA With other abnormalities. Upon her wish, acupuncture^moxibustion and immunotherapy continued. For six months starting in May, l992 she vas given dietetic therapy and Maruyama Vaccine at a hospice-type hospital.

In December or that year, blood vas detected in the stools, which prompted another ORT. showing cancer in two places in the large intestine. I referred her to a general hospital for an operation in February, l993. (The hospital's findings at the rectal point of origin were comparable to the ORT results; advanced moderately, differentiated adenocarcinoma of the rectum. After discharge from the hospital, she vent back to acupuncture/moxibustion and immunotherapy twice a weeks. During this time Professor Omura tested her by ORT. Beginning in March 1994, her CEA level gradually rose and in June a metastatic lesion in found by CT scan. An operation was suggested to her to transarterial embolization(TAE).but she decided against it and treatment she had been given. At this time a computerized analysis shoved the Worst results, but nonetheless her general biochemical condition had been improved.

In February, 1995, she started to take nutritional supplements. Metastatic lesion in the liver shrunk drastically as indicated by ORT. Later her CEA started going up again. I attempted in vain to determine the causes With the aid of ORT. Dr. Omura's test in March, l996 identified metastasis in the pleura and gallbladder. The metastasis in the liver appeared the same on the CT scan, though it did not show weakness by ORT. At present she receives acupuncture/moxibustion twice a week and takes nutritional supplements. She is working at her job in good condition.

Address : 2-2-6 Ilanatate, Kumamoto,861-21 Japan Phone : 096-367-9293

Dental Treatment for Adult Atopic Dermatids

Yoshiro Fujii, D.D.S.,Ph.D.

Fujii Dental Clinic & Dental Dept.,Yoshikawa Hospital , Nagoya City, Japan


Recently, the number of atopic dermatitis cases have been increasing. The adult type is sometimes very intractable. Therefore, dental treatment for this ailment was examined.

Materials & Method

l2 subjects whose dermatitis was diagnosed as atopic dermatitis by a dermatologist in charge were treated. Almost an of them had used or were using steroid ointment. The treatments used were: biophysical occlusion (determined by Bi-Digital O-Ring Test), Peridontal or root canal (treatment was performed if needed). Any metals which were suspected as an allergen were removed. h some cases, Kampo extract, which was determined by Bi-Digital O-Ring Test was also administered.


Remarkably effective cases were 7 (58.3%), effective 1 (8.3%), slightly effective 1 (8.3%), not effective 2 (16.7%), and 1 case was undetermined.


Although atopic dermatitis shows a tendency to increase, the real cause of this ailment is not clarified yet. Dental treatment, however, has sometimes been very effective in curing it. This result suggests that there is a close relationship between a patientfs dental condition and atopic dermatitis.

The most important part of this treatment is to search for the best biophysical occlusial position. This position was found by observing the response to the 6 acupunctual points (GB21, GV16, CV17, ST7) during Bi-Digital O-Ring Test. Bi-Digital O-Ring Test is thought to be one of the best methods for finding the ideal biting position at present.


Dental treatment is sometimes very effective for adult topic dermatitis, which is recognized as an intractable ailment. These results suggest that this sickness and the dental condition have a correlation. Bi-Digital O-Ring Test is recognized as one of the best methods to determine the ideal bio-physical occlusal position which is important in determining the health of the entire body.

Antibiodcs Treatment for Patients with Dentin Hypersensitivity

Katsutoshi Hori D.D.S., Ph.D.,

Hori Dental Clinic, Fukuoka City, Japan


The author reports the effects of antibiotic medication for the patients with dentin hypersensitivity. We applied antibiotics to 73 patients with dentin hypersensitivity for 2 to 4 days. On the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, bacterial infection was suspected around the apex of the root and the submandibular triangle region. It was suggested that the submandibular triangle region corresponded to the tonsils in the manifestation of etiology. By Yamamoto's method (Investigation by stimulating two points with a short time-lag), the tonsillitis was detected as the primary cause and the bacterial infection around the apex of the root was secondary. And biotics were selected and dosed out by the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test. At the same time, the acupuncture points of the tonsils in the ears were found out and stimulated by needles and soft lasers to increase drug uptake. No other treatment was applied.

After 2 or 4 days follow-up, complete recovery was obtained in 48 patients (65.8%), significant improvement in 17 patients (23.3%), improvement in 5 patients (6.8%), and no change in 3 patients (4.1%).

Though bacterial infection of the tooth is not usually considered as the cause of dentin hypersensitivity, antibiotic medication with the stimulation of acupuncture point of the tonsils in the ears was very effective for our patients that were clinically suspected with dentin hypersensitivity.

Address:2-10-22, Mizutani Higashi-ku, 813 Fukuoka-City, Japan TEL:092(672)8255

Applications of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test for Cases of Daily Clinical Dental

Work Involving Difficult Symptoms

Yuko Koyama, DD.S., Ph.D., Hiroshi Fukuoka, D.D.S., Ph.D., & Akira Fuknoka, D.D.S., Ph.D.

Fukuoka Dental Clinic Research Laboratory of Oriental Medicine, Tokyo, Japan



The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (ORT) is a convenient and useful method for estimating organic or functional disorders. suitability of medicines, presence of microbial infections, or accumulation of heavy metals in bodily tissues. Furthermore, it has proved to be an extremely useful clinical dental treatment of difficult symptoms when used in conjunction with the Imaging Method, whereby the response area is napped out on the surface of the skin. This paper describes the process and purpose of our application of this method for clinical dental therapy in treating difficult symptoms.

Method 1

For a case in which a patient diagnosed with partial maxillary dysfunction, resonance was detected for a heavy metal (Pb) in the head region. 2) For cases in which patients were diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, paralysis of facial peripheral nerves, and TMJ arthrosis, suspecting viral or bacterial infections, we applied the ORT with the Imaging Method to determine appropriate medicines. Acupuncture and moxibustion treatment, electrical stimulation of meridian points (tsubo), and observed the results of this treatment. Moreover, patients demonstrated in the shrinking of the skin surface response area measured by the ORT and Imaging Method, which showed that abnormal area was shrinking with application of the prescribed therapeutic methods.

3) Of the 96 patients who were treated using Y. Omura's ORT-imaging method at our clinic, 40 cases showed viral or bacterial infection, 26 cases showed a presence of heavy metals in the tissues, 5 cases demonstrated both infection and heavy metals, 2 cases showed resonance with molds.


Application of the ORT on areas showing nerve paralysis or pain enabled us to detect the presence of viral or bacterial infections. or the accumulation of heavy metals in bodily tissues. A therapy method was designed and carried out based on those causes, and the patient was encouraged to participate in the therapy through self-control methods through desire for self-healing.

Observations and Results

Whereas Western medical diagnostic techniques do not yield satisfactory results with some difficult symptoms encountered in dental therapy, we found that application of holistic dentistry using the ORT based on Oriental medicine was appropriate and effective in treating those symptoms encountered in clinical dental work.

Address: Fukuoka Dental Clinic Research Laboratory of Oriental Medicine

Rokko bldg. No. 2, 3F, I-3-7 Shinkawa. Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104 Tel: 03-3555-2221

Non-Invasive Biometric Investigation of Superior Effect of EAP on a Functional Behavior of Peripheral Venous Circulation of Human Vorarm With use of Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (OMURA)

Takesuke Muteki,M,D. ,Ph.D., F.I.C.A. E. Professor Emeritus, Kurume Univ.


More effective and scientific approach of acupuncture medicine requires more accurate identification and optimal determination of acupoints and meridian flow, which are generally performed by a bare handed skill of experienced acupuncturist.

Superior effect of acupuncture stimuli to the optional acupoints (LI4 to LI10) which Were identified not only by the original technique of an experienced acupuncturist, but also by the imaging technique due to Bi-Digital 0-Ring Test (BDORT) Was investigated on a functional behavior of peripheral venous circulation of human vorarm.

Non-invasive biometric investigation was carried out for 30 minutes consecutively after EAP conducted for l5 minutes to the optimal acupoints (LI4 | LI10), and clinical significance of the superior effect of EAP With use of BDORT Was multi-dimensionally evaluated and discussed.

Address 56l-4, araki-machi, Kurume-city, Fukuoka, Japan Phone 0942-27-2941

Organ Representation Areas in Tongue Diagnosis, Mu Acupuncture Points (Bo Ketsu) and Shu Acupuncture Points (Yu Ketsu) in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Compared With Accurate Organ Representation Areas Localized by The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test and Their Clinical Significance and Mapping of Meridians & Abnormal Deviations of Meridian Which was Reversed to Normal Position by Acupuncture Treatment of the Same Meridian

Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., Sc.D., F.A.C.A., F.I.C.A.A.

Director of Medical Research, Heart Disease Research Foundation, New Yolk, USA

President, International College of Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics, New York, USA

Visiting Research Prof.. Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Manhattan College, New York, USA

.Prof.., Deft of Non-Orthodox Medicine, Ukrainian National Medical University, Kiev, Ukraine.

: Adjunct Prof., Dept of Physiology, School of Medicine, Showa University, Tokyo, Japan

[Correspondence: 800 Riverside Drive (8-I). New York, NY 10032 USA.Te1 (212)781-6262]


In the mid 1980's, while making a mapping of the outline of internal organs using resonance phenomena between a microscope slide tissue specimen of die internal organ and the organ inside of the buy, the author discovered that from the surface of the internal organ meridian-like lines come out from the surface of the imaged internal organ. The subsequent study showed that one can. map not only the outline of the internal organ but also the corresponding meridians and acupuncture points on the meridian. Our previous study also demonstrate that the Triple Burner Meridian corresponded to the testis in males and the ovaries in females and that the Pericardium Meridian corresponded to the adrenal gland. In the present Triple Burner Meridian parallel connecting meridians between each shoulder and the testis or ovary of the same side and its connection with the Shimen point (C.V.5 at the lower abdomen) is missing. In addition, all the meridians of specific internal organs are connected to organ representation areas on the cerebral cortex which also has neuronal connections through the spinal cord (i.e.. Cerebral organ representation area has dual control through non-nervous tract and invisible meridians which are connected to a superficial layer of the &.). Most of the non-meridians and their corresponding acupuncture points were found to be valid but presently used acupuncture charts often lacks connection between the upper end of the meridian and the cerebral cortex which we found with the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test.

In Oriental Medicine, organ representation areas, such as Mu points in front of the body and Shu points on the back of the body, are often examined for diagnosis by detecting abnormal tenderness. Mu points often represent corresponding internal organs of Western Medicine, although the exact locations are not necessarily accurate. However, Shu points along the para-vertebral lines used in Chinese Medicine were compared with more accurate organ representation areas mapped by the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test using resonance phenomena between the microscope slide of the specific internal organ and the organ representation area located para-vertebrally. Only Classical Shu points that were identical was the Lung representation area at the 3rd Thoracic Vertebra each side of which correspond to the lower lobe of the corresponding side of the lung. The rest of the traditional organ representation areas differed significantly from the accurate para-vertebral organ representation areas as determined by the Bi-Digital n|Ring Test, originally mapped by the author in 1985 and refined since then. According to our organ representation areas mapped by the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, the 10th thoracic vertebra represents four different endocrine organs, namely the parathyroid gland, the thyroid gland, the thymus gland, and the adrenal gland, in that order. The lower half of the 9th thoracic vertebra also represents the pancreas, which has both endocrine and exocrine functions, while the upper half of the 9th thoracic vertebra represents the duodenum and the lower 1/4 of the 4th lumbar vertebra represents the prostate gland which can easily be localized using Jacoby's Line between the right and left posterial illiac crests. The Jacoby's Line was originally described by Prof.. of Neurology and Psychiatry, Dr. George W. Jacoby of Women's Medical College of New York in ''Lumbar Puncture of Subarachnoid Space", in the section of "Original Communication'' of The New York Medical Journal on Dec 28th, 1895 (p.814) (see Matsuki, A., Nihon Ijishimpo 3073: p.132, l983).

Due to the inaccuracy of the location of traditional Shu points, diagnosis based on the Shu points may result in incorrect diagnosis. Mu points are not completely reliable but have been used often for diagnosis; however, since some of the Mu points are not in the exact locations, diagnosis by pathological tenderness has questionable value for early diagnosis, but the use of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test on the accurate Mu point or Shu point. include screening of cancers using the author's 5 co-existing parameters in cancer, has significant value for diagnosis and evaluation of therapeutic effects. Meridians in the pathological areas of the body shift their course in some patients but acupuncture given on the acupuncture point of the involved area often reversed abnormal pathways to well-known meridian pathways with clinical improvements. Some of these win be shown with examples.

Malignant hepatoma patient in good condition after three operations and Oriental Medicine treatment using Bi-Digital O-Ring Test.

1. Munetaka MorishitaM.D.,Ph.D. Tokoname Institute of Oriental Medicine

2. Sekiji Hattori Hattori Pediatric Clinic


This patient had a regular medical checkup at his company in July, 1990 and liver dysfunction Was suspected. He then had a rigorous examination at a medical school hospital and Was diagnosed With hepatoma.

In September, two thirds of his liver was removed. Repullulation was repeated and he had two more operations in two and half years. During this time, due to the fear of metastasis he was given an injection of carcinostatic into the liver artery on four occasions.

Four years later in March.1994, his company assigned him to Nagoya, where he has been treated developed a gastric ulcer him to be hospitalized and performed once a month for continuously. From the above medication he and furthermore hematemesis, which forced also have lymph treatment, which was a total of 12 times, since April,1994. However, in January,1995, he Was told that he had become terminal based on CT and MRI findings. At that point he decided to try oriental medicine treatment. One year later his appetite has improved, he has gained Weight and all in his stomach has disappeared. Presently cancer cannot be detected by Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, developed by Professor Yoshiaki Omura. Furthermore, MRI pictures do not show and signs of the cancer. All his subjective symptoms have disappeared. This case was also reported on at the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test Seminar held in Kyoto on March 17, 1996 and the 15th General Conference in Japan on Stasis of Blood.

3-41 0no-Cho, Tokoname, Aichi, 479 Japan Phone: 0569-42-0414


(Differences observed between men and women in Qi-Gong )

Human Science Section, Seisen University Chieko Hirobe,Ph.D.

When breathing in Qi-Gong , it is usual for men to place their hands on the abdomen, with their lea hand under their right hand. However, women put their right hand under their left hand. In order to check whether this fact is valid, I examined 20 people with the Bi-Digital 0-Ring Test. I also examined the Qi aura, under the circumstance in which the physician was imagining as if he were (1) inhaling the air from the left hand and exhaling it from the right hand and (2) inhaling it from the right hand and exhaling it from the left hand. In our experiment, 10 men and 10 women were examined , each for 5 minutes In each case, it was found that stronger Qi(+) was observed when men put -their lea hand under their right hand than when they put their right hand under the left hand. In the case of women, the results were exactly the opposite. In order to send stronger Qi to their abdomen, it was proved to be better for men to put the lea hand under the right hand and for women to put the right hand under the lea hand. In the above examination (1), stronger Qi(+) aura was obtained on the right hand side, while weaker Qi(-) aura was obtained on the lea hand side and in (2) the results were opposite. Considering these facts, it is recommended for the people who are in Yin or weakness conformation to use the hand while the physician was imaging as if he were exhaling from the hand and to use the opposite hand for inflammation, etc.

141 3-16-21, Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo TelF03-3447-5551


Medical and Dental Problems Associated with Amalgum and The Hazards of Strong Ultraviolet Radiation, used to Solidify Other Synthetic Materials as Replacements for Amalgum, and Imaging of the 4 Components of TMJ & Invisible, Hidden Pathological Findings in X-Ray, CT Scan, & MRI films, and Ultrasonic Images, Detected by Bi-Digital O-Ring Test for Diagnosis and Treatment of Difficult Dental & Medical Problems

Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., Sc.D., F.A.C.A., F.I.C.A.E.

Director of Medical Research, Heart Disease Research Foundation, New York. USA

President, International College of Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics. New York, USA

Visiting Research Prof.. Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Manhattan College, New York. USA

Prof., Dept. of Non-Orthodox Medicine, Ukrainian National Medical University. Kiev, Ukraine.

Adjunct Prof., Dept. of Physiology, School of Medicine, Shown University, Tokyo, Japan

[Correspondence: 800 Riverside Drive (8-I), New York, NY 10032 USA.TeF (212)78l-6262]


According to the author's previous study, Mercury appeared to play a significant role in the following diseases: 1) Cancer and Precancer (their cell nuclei contain mercury while normal cell nuclei do not have mercury.). 2) Essential Hypertension (cardiovascular representation area of the medulla oblongata usually have infection, bacterial, viral, or Chlamydia infection, with mercury and or lead.). 3) Stroke (Often the involved cerebral cortex which has Herpes simplex type TorUhas lead deposits with or without mercury, particularly in the involved motor cortex). 4) Minamata Disease (Co-existence of various infections and mercury.). 5) Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Coexistence of Cytomegaloviral infection and mercury deposit.). 6) Multiple Sclerosis 7) Alzheimer's Disease 8) Chronic pain caused by Herpes Simplex Type I and/or Herpes Simplex Type U 9) Rheumatoid Arthritis with Chlamydia trachomatitis and/or Lyme Disease 10) Psoriasis 1 1) Lead and/or Mercury Poisoning 12) Itaitai Disease

During the effort to eliminate the large amount of mercury deposits which were found shortly after intravenous injection of Tallium-201 chlorite radioisotope for cardiac SPECT Scan for the evaluation of the functional condition of the heart, the author was evaluating both the remaining radioactivity and the amount of mercury in the body and found unusually heavy deposits of mercury .in the heart, endocrine organs and the kidney and liver. Without using drastic intravenous chelating agents, the author was testing a number of substances which may reduce mercury. but without sufficient results. One day, the author ate a Vietnamese soup which contained Chinese parsley (Cilantro) for dinner and in the next morning, during one of the regular screenings for mercury, the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test evaluation for mercury deposits indicated a most significant reduction in mercury. Urine analysis for mercury content, before and after taking Chinese parsley, showed a marked output of not only Mercury, but also Lead and Aluminium-- which became evident after about two hours of taking the Chinese parsley. This findings was repeated wd confirmed with more than 15 physicians and dentists, as well as 15 patients. Using Chinese parsery to remove Mercury in the cancer and pre-cancer cell nucleus, while giving EPA and DHA as effective anti-viral agents for the virus which exists in the cancer cells, with a combination of drug-uptake enhancement methods, the author found significant reduction of the pre-cancer and cancer tissue and its matastasis in several patients. The method was also applied to many of the above described diseases which have both heavy metals and viral, chlamydia trachomatis, or bacterial infection found by the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test and found significant improvement of the symptoms. Among the sources of heavy metals in the body, the following can be considered F1) Cooking pots 2) Cups (particularly cut glass) & Dishes (particularly from their inside surface coating which contains lead or mercury) 3) Water from old lead pipes or multiple soldered junctions in the water system 4) Amalgum Fillings of the tooth.

Of these sources. amalgum in the teeth is one of the most common and dangerous. Since about 50% of the amalgum is Mercury, and since Mercury is very volatile in body temperature. there is a constant amount of mercury vapor which emanates and is inhaled. The amount of mercury inhaled is increased by chewing, as well as while eating hot soup, coffee, tea, or food. In order to eliminate this permanent source of mercury which will be inhaled, even when the rubber dram which surround the amalgum containing tooth is used and powerful air suction is placed in front of the mouth. The author personally experienced large concentrations of Mercury all over the body, particularly in the lung, liver, heart, kidney, as web as in an the endocrine organs. By taking Chinese parsley 4 times a day, for at least 3 hours or 1 day before removing dental amalgum, and after removing amalgums, for at least 10 days to 2 or 3 weeks, we were able to remove the Hg almost completely and were able to prevent Mercury intoxication. However, to fill the empty cavity created after the removal of the amalgum, dentists usually use semi-solid synthetic materials to fill the now empty cavity. To harden the filled material, such as Bis-Gamma Resin, using photochemical reactions, strong greenish -blueish light (often contain strong ultraviolet light )is irradiated continuously for 20-45 seconds. This strong light is often radiated not only on the intended synthetic material but also on the surrounding soft tissue, including the side of the tongue. Since repeated exposure to strong ultraviolet radiation of the skin is associated with skin cancer, including malignant melanoma, the author suspected that if ultraviolet radiation is exposed to a certain part of the body or a certain organ representation area, it my induce various abnormalities including chromosomal mutations and may eventually lead to pre-cancer or cancer.

The author periodically underwent blood chemistry examination and never had any abnormal blood chemistry of liver enzymes, for the past 30 years. During the Spring of 1996, the author repeated blood chemistry through his associate and found that for the first time in his life his liver enzymes were all abnormality increased. At the time, the author could not comprehend what caused these changes. Then he realized that the blood test was done within one week after the author's amalgum was removed and the cavity created by removal of the mercury was filled with semi-solid synthetic material. In order to solidify the material,. strong ultraviolet radiation was used. At the time of the strong ultraviolet exposure, the author noticed that the light was often shifted to the side of the tongue while the radiating device was manuvered by hand and the exposed side of the tongue corresponded to the part of the liver representation area, the 5th finger, as well as the lower, lateral part of the thigh, above the knee joint. When he examined the tongue there was dark, purple discoloration on the side of the tongue which corresponds to the above described area_ h order to detect any indication of pre-cancer or cancer, the author examined the abnormal areas of the tongue next to the teeth and examined the following 5 parameters which were originally found by the author to co-exist in pre-cancer and cancer tissue (but each one of them alone has no diagnostic value): 1) Oncogene C-fos Ab2 (marked increase); 2) Integrin 51(marked increase); 3)Mercury (marked increase); 4) Acetylcholine= 0; 5) Presence of viral infection. The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test of the above 5 parameters showed strong positive response and the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test evaluation of the same 5 parameters in the liver, 5th finger, and lower, lateral part of the thigh also showed strong positive response to the above 5 parameters. These pre-cancers can be reversed by the combination of EPA with DHA and Chiese parsley, with selective drug-uptake enhancement methods. Although this is a rather limited clinical experience, it is important to examine whether similar phenomena is taking place in many patients in a similar manner whereby they are unintentionally exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation on the side of the tongue which is next to the teeth being treated. If such a finding can be conked in a large number of patients in a future study, such inadvertent, but common exposure of the surrounding tissue outside of the treated teeth with strong ultraviolet light should be eliminated. Regardless of the result of the future study, every dentist should make every effort not to expose strong ultraviolet radiation to any soft issue other than the involved tech. The presence of heavy metals enhances the side effects of electro-magnetic field exposure. In order to eliminate such a problem before radiating with strong ultraviolet light, first the tip of the light conducting fiber should also be able to emit a preliminary light beam which is not harmful to the body tissue, such as red light shined at the teeth being treated. This way, the dentist can make sure that the light is not targeted at areas outside of the intended area to be treated. The dentist should also take measures to cover the side of the tongue and the surrounding soft issue to prevent ultraviolet exposure. Only after taking these precautions should treatment with the actual ultraviolet light be performed. Since most of the teeth are associated with at least one or two internal organs, exposing strong ultraviolet radiation to these teeth may induce unexpected irritation or disturbances to the corresponding internal organ. In addition, Bi-Digital n|Ring Test evaluation of TMJ problems has become one of the most useful tools in dentistry for both diagnosis and treatment. In order to localize the exact location of the pathology using each one of the 4 components of TMJ one can map the exact anatomy and pathological location and evaluate the best antibiotics for various infections, which we first succeeded doing in 1992. Now, many dentists who studied with us have begun to use this technique. Since 1992.,using the Bi-Digital 0-Ring Test on X-ray film of various parts of the buy, the author succeeded in detecting non-visible changes such as biochemical changes, presence of bacteria, virus, fungus, arid other micro-organisms, circulatory disturbances. mercury deposits, early stages of cancer, or parameters which co-exist in the pre-cancer or cancer tissue. The method has also been applied for dental X-ray and it has become one of the most important clinical tools in treating recurrent infections of the teeth, including failure of root canal treatment.


New Aspects of Chlamydia Infection revealed by the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

Kazuya Harada MD

Hitotonoya Clinic,Oyama,Tochigi


Although Chlamydia trachomatis is generally known as a sexually transmitted diseases (STD), the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test has revealed that this microorganism seems to be related to other diseases and symptoms throughout the body. The detection rates for C.trachonatls by the Bi-Digital n|Ring Test among patients with disorders of the lower urinary tract at the Hitotonoya Clinic were very high,. 76% in acute cystitis (n=34) ,91% in chronic cystitis (n=11) ;70% in female urethral syndrome (n=l7) ; 78% in chronic prostatitis (n=45) ,. 60 in benign prostatic hyperplasia (n=5) ,. 86% in epididymitis (n=7); 100% in enuresis (n=17). 221 members among 53 families of Chlamydia positive patients were further examined and were all positive for C.trachomatis according to the Bi.-Digital O-Ring Test. But the detection rate by conventional tests were rather low among then; 42% by IgA, IgG-.antibody method (n=81) and 19%by DNA-probe method (n=21). In many cases, there were various abnormal lesions where c.trachomatis was found. 54% of the 221 Chlamydia positive members had some symptoms related to c.trachomatis that disappeared or improved following the administration of proper antibiotics (Doxycycline, Minocyclines etc.) were as followsF many kinds of pain throughout. the whole body, epilepsy, dizziness,, ringing in the ears, tired eyes, stuffy nose, facial cramp, heart palpation, obstructive sensation in the chest or throat, disorders in urination or menstruation and so on. In most cases, Chlamydia infection spread silently within a family, transmitted between husband and wife or from mother-to-child, as they are asymptomatic or they don't notice the existence of this microorganism in spite of symotoms.

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Examination of Meningioma Using Bi-Digital O-Ring Test. Report of 3 Cases.

Satoshi AyuzawaM.D.1)Heiichi YanoM.D.,Ph.D.2)

1) Department of Neurosurgery, University of Tsukuba.

2) Internal Medicine, Kashiwa Hospital, Jikei University School of M'edicine


Three cases with meningioma were examined by Bi-Digital 0-Ring Test, not only via scalp but also using computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain. We have obtained some findings as follows; (1) Tumors were successfully imaged on the surface of the scalp. Using the resonance reaction following the Omura's original methods by changing the test finger stepwise, equivalent line of resonance could be imaged with C-fos Ab2 as a reference control substance. The strongest area was expressed as a point in the midst of the lesion. (2) Comparison with the 5 parameter of cancer; An cases had strong resonance response to C-fos Ab2. While the response to Integrin 51@was slightly weaker than that to C-fos@Ab2. Moderate resonance response to mercury was in all cases, of which 1was also positive to lead.@Acetylcholine@was@diminished but not nil in all cases. Viral infection was found in all cases; Cytomegalovirus in all cases, of which 2 were also positive for Human immunodeficiency virus. (3) Line-shaped resonance am was imaged along the superior sagittal and transverse sinuses with C-fog Ab2. (4) Bi-Digital O-Ring Test using CT and MRI demonstrated die resonance response not only to the tumor itself, but also to meninges around the attachment of tumor, inner surface of sinus, hypothalamus, ventricle, and choroidal plexus with C-fos Ab2. Inner surface of sinus and choroidal plexus are rich with meningothelial cell which is considered as source of meningioma, so these fact might be suggesting some functional correlation among the cells and hypothalamus with relation to the developing of tumor.

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Measurement of Daytime Melatonin and Norepinephrine in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Bi-Digital 0-Ring Test and the effects of TCM

Takayuki Aoki M.D.

Dept.of Medicine, Tamana Regional Health and Medical Center,Kumamoto, Japan



When the author tested patients With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) by Bi-Digital 0-Ring Test (BDORT). an infection Was found in the pineal gland in all patients. Therefore to clarify pineal gland in the pathology of CFS, concentration (MLT) and norepinephrine (NE) were estimated using Bi-Digital O-Ring Test and carefully observed the effects of Chinese herbal medicine.

(Materials and Method)

Four patients Who met the CDC diagnosis criteria were selected. Samples of different concentrations of MLT and NE were prepared and examined the patients at points representing the pineal gland and other areas of the forehead at a specified time of the day using BDORT. Chinese herbal medicines Were chosen With the help of BDORT with the aim of reducing the amounts of NE and MLT in the pineal gland


The patients consisted of three women and one man, ages 16 to 78. Their length of illness ranged from three to 33 years. CMV infection and HSV I infection in the pineal each. Evidence of viral infection pituitary gland, suprarenal glands and head. The ratio of pineal gland representative points to the amount of NE found in the forehead varied among the four patients as followsF20,000 to one after four weeks, 4,400 to two after four weeks, too-high-to-measure to ten after eight weeks and 2,500 to 33 after four weeks. The amount of melatonin in the forehead reduced with each patient F from 500 pg to 30 pg after two months, from 600 pg to 20 pg after three months, from 600 pg to 20 pg after three months, and from 800 pg to 35 pg after five months. The levels became almost normal in each case.T he amount of melatonin in the pineal gland Was approximately five times higher than that in the forehead. Each patient has admitted improved subjective symptoms, and is now able to go to school, go to work, and to do housework. The Minor Cinnamon and Paeonia Combination (Hsiao-chien-chung-tang) was used for three patients and the Astragalus Combination (Huang-chi-chien-chung-tang) for one patient.


.The above indicates that continued adrenergic nerve tension Which Was brought on by inf6ction in the pineal gland hindered the daytime production of melatonin Which is normally induced by photic stimulation. Disrupted melatonin circadian rhythm is consideredcritical in the pathology of CFS. TCM has also been extremely effective in CFS treatment.

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Application of The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test for Diagnosis and Effective Treatment of Intractable Pain, Infection, & Cancer Using Selective Drug-Uptake Enhancement Methods, and the Relationship Between These Intractable Problems and Harmful Environmental Electro-Magnetic Fields & Localized Heavy Metal Deposits in the Body

Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., Sc.D., F.A.C.A., F.I.C.A.E. Director of Medical Research, Heart Disease Research Foundation, New York. USA; President, International College of Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics. New York, USA; Visiting Research Prof.. Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Manhattan College, New York. USA; Prof., Dept. of Non-Orthodox Medicine, Ukrainian National Medical University. Kiev, Ukraine.; Adjunct Prof., Dept. of Physiology, School of Medicine, Shown University, Tokyo, Japan

[Correspondence: 800 Riverside Drive (8-I), New York, NY 10032 USA. TeF (212)78l-6262]


Without any knowledge of die patient, pathological locations of the body can often be localized non-invasively by either direct Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (between the physician and the patient) or indirect Bi-Digital O-Ring Test method (which employs an assistant) as long as the basic conditions to carry out the test are satisfied. Therefore, even patients who cannot talk, are unconscious, or are infants can be evaluated using the indirect Bi-Digital 0-Ring Test. Once the pathological area is identified, the cause of abnormality can be quickly estimated non-invasively, whether it is due to bacteria, rickettsia, chlamydia. virus, inflammation, circulatory disturbances, or malignant tumors.. Furthermore, an individualized evaluation can be made rapidly and non-invasively as to which medications are effective, non-effective, or harmful before administering any medication Western or Oriental); if effective, the optimal dose can be estimated_ For example, many of the chronic intractable pain due I o Herpes simplex type I or 2 virus are often difficult to treat by and-viral agents such as Acyclovia. However, using the Bi-Digital 0-Ring Test one can identify the exact location of the infection and administer a combination of EPA (180 mg) with DHA (120 mg), which for the average adult has been shown to often be very effective. With a combination of one of a number of selective drug-uptake enhancement methods (acupuncture (+) Qi Gong, (-) electrical field, Krypton light, strong Shiatsu, low pulse repetition rate electrical stimulation, etc.) developed by the author, the therapeutic results have been far superior than standard anti-viral agents. However, if the infected area has a localized deposit of Hg or Pb and involves six hiding places for the virus (recently discovered by the author), the anti-viral effects will be inhibited and will remain as intractable pain. In such a case, simultaneous removal of these heavy metals by Chinese Parsley (Cilantro) with selective drug-uptake enhancement methods, with administration with EPA with DHA, often results in rapid improvement in the intractable pain. However, many things that individuals are wearing can also actively inhibit drug uptake and can contribute to intractable pain or medical problems; among these are eyeglasses, ear rings, necklaces, watches, labels on underwear and jackets, synthetic clothes, hats, socks, and pillow cases, certain hair clips, brassieres, belt buckles with the metallic rod facing towards the abdomen, certain cushions made of synthetic materials in shoulder pads or shoes, etc. The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test molecular identification method was discovered by Y. Omura in the mid 1980's using specific reference control substances and observing resonance phenomena between two identical substances. Shortly afterwards. he applied the resonance phenomena for early mass screening or diagnosis and localization of potential cancer and identification of their cell types, using the following 2 methods (often, a combination of the 2 methods provides more accurate and specific information) :

I) Using ultra-violet exposed specific type of cancer tissue of a specific internal organ in microscope sides as reference control substances (this provides a specific cell type of cancer of specific internal organs but has disadvantage of misdiagnosis by co-existing bacteria or virus which may have nothing to do with cancer.).

II) By detecting the coexistence of several characteristic findings for cancer tissue:

a) Integrin 51 (marked increase) b) Oncogenes (eg. C-fog Ab2, C-ras, C-myc, etc.) (marked increase) c) Hg (marked increase) d) Acetylcholine= 0 e) Viral Infection

The indirect method (II) has the advantage of screening any type of cancer or pre-cancer at any part of the body but cannot provide cell type of the specific internal organ. A random study of more than 350 out-patients, conducted by Shimostuura Y. at Kurume City's St. Mary's Hospital, the 2nd largest hospital in Japan, not only confirmed the above concept but also established a detection percentage rate of stomach cancer, using the O-Ring Test that was more than 25 times greater than that of standard laboratory tests which used stomach X-ray after Barium swallowing, gastroscopy evaluation with optic fibers, and biopsy. Non-invasive localization of neurotransmitters, hormones, drugs. metals, etc., in different parts of the human body, including the central nervous system, using resonance phenomena between two identical substances, was also demonstrated by the author using pure reference control substances in the mid 1980's. The author found that in many cancer patients the location of the cancer is often strongly associated with strong, ultra-high frequency el electro-magnetic fields emanating from within the bed where they have been sleeping for more than 10 years. Such electro-magnetic fields can be easily detected by die Bi-Digital O-Ring Test The pathogenic EMF often found under the bed can be eliminated by placing aluminum foil or copper sheets over the EMF-emitting area or under the bed, and grounding the metal sheets The frequencies of the EMF coming from within or under the bed is estimated to be much higher than 22 GHz, although man-made devices such as microwave oven or cellular phone are usually range from 0.5 GHz to 10 GHz. These high frequency EMF cause microcirculatory disturbances with increases in TXB2, Oncogene C-fos Ab2, Integrin 51, and a decrease in acetylcholine, all of which coexist in pre-cancer or cancer tissue. If heavy metal deposits, such as of Hg and Pb, exists in exposed parts of the body these heavy metals serve as micro-antennas and absorb electro-magnetic field very effectively and produce more damage to the surrounding tissue. Therefore, any source of intake of heavy metals should be minimized. Since precancer and cancer cell nuclei contain Hg arid virus infection and since the author discovered in 1995 that Chinese parsley can be used as an effective and safe method for removing heavy metals from the human body, the author tried to see the effect of EPA with DHA and Chinese parsery, with selective drug uptake enhancement methods, in painful precancer tissue in his arm, and found a complete disappearance of all the precancer and cancer parameters with a complete disappearance of pain. Immediately this method was tried on 4 volunteers (all of whom had metastasis and abnormally increased tumor markers and had been treated by one of the major leading cancer institutes in New York City; still their cancer was spreading) in 1995: 1 with prostate cancer, 1 with thyroid cancer, 1 with facial, and 1 with breast cancer. In 2 volunteers with prostate cancer and thyroid gland cancer, both of whom had metastasis, cancer almost completely disappeared in 1 and 1/2 months. In one patient the cancer size reduced to less than half of the original size (in facial cancer) in 3 weeks. In breast cancer patient, multiple metastasis with pain started to shrink significantly but cancer in the breast and cancer markers never reduced because her the brassiere she was wearing was inhibiting drug uptake and therefore, she was dropped from the study. Similarly' non-invasive estimation and localization of bacteria and viruses, and other pathogenic organisms (such as chlamydia tracomatis, toxoplasma, borrelia burgdorferi) in various parts of the body, including within various nuclei of the brain, has been used even before any visible changes are detected in X-ray or MRI, by many physicians based on resonance phenomena between 2 identical substances.

One of the important clinical applications of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test is non-invasive, simple, quick. and safe imaging of the outline of internal organs and their pathological areas, including the exact locations of malignant tumors or infected areas, as well as selecting the most effective medications, without using ally expensive, bulky imaging devices. Most of the imaging devices, other than X-ray. use detailed cross-sectional imaging methods, but the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test can make detailed imaging of outline of the organ directly over the body surface of the organs--many of which cannot be easily visualized by standard X-ray, such as in the case of the pancreas.

Using the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test. not only imaging of the outline of internal organs can be made without imaging devices, but one call also map the corresponding meridians and acupuncture points and evaluate the nature of the Qi Gong energy. In 1990, the author discovered 2 types of Qi Gong ((+) and (-) Qi Gong) and succeeded in storing them in different materials and succeeded using beneficial (+) Qi Gong for patient treatment to improve circulation, reduce pain, enhance muscle strength. with drug-uptake. In addition, since the organ representation area produces significant resonance with the corresponding organ tissue, the author was able to map accurate. organ representation areas on the head, tongues. eyes, hand, feet, as well as re-mapping of the organ on the back of the trunk. These refined, accurate organ representation areas at different parts of the body have been successfully used by using various methods of stimulation for improving circulation and delivering medication selectively to the specific organ where medication could not reach before.

In the late 1980's, the author confirmed that photons (laser beam with red spectrum was originally used) passing through or near certain molecules can bi-directionally transmit information on molecular structure and the amount of molecules. This was immediately applied for diagnosing patients without directly touching them and used a laser beam like an electro-conductive metal electrode. Immediately, it was applied for the possibility of detecting bacteria, virus, malignant tumors, or drugs in X-ray film since X-rays are high energy photons with high penetrating power and was able to confirm information on molecular structure and amount of molecules which actually exist in the X-ray picture of the patient. Since then, further studies by the author have indicated that pictures taken with CAT Scan, MRI, PET Scan, SPECT Scan, or Ultrasonic imaging, all contain the information on molecular structure and amount of molecules present, although the mechanism of these imaging methods are different. The method has become clinically very important when the shadow exists in the brain or the head of the pancreas; but it is difficult to make differential diagnosis whether it is a malignant tumor or a benign mass. However, this should not be done unless the person performing is a licensed, well-trained physician in both Western medicine and The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, with sufficient medical, anatomical, and pathological knowledge of the area being examined; otherwise, one can end up with erroneous diagnosis and interpretation of the findings will be flawed and unreliable, creating serious problems for the patients. Eventually, only licensed physicians and dentists, who have passed qualifying examination on the Bi-Digital O-Ring and have had some practical training, will be allowed to perform this procedure.


Based on these findings, the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test is not only simple, safe, and noninvasive, but when performed properly by a trained physician. it has extensive clinical applications for both Western and Oriental medicine in diagnosis and treatment, particularly in the diseases most difficult to diagnose and treat with present high-tech Western medicine, and can potentially save not only countless suffering and life, but also medical expenses and time loss. It can be performed even in locations where electricity and modem imaging or other diagnostic facilities are not available, and treatment is individualized for the unique conditions of each patient. In addition, The O-Ring Test can minimize the number of unnecessary, expensive laboratory tests hat are often performed, but can suggest and target the appropriate, necessary laboratory tests. Therefore, The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test should be taught in every medical school as a required course and should be a part of residency training programs in every branch of medicine. As a word of caution, one should make every effort to confirm O-Ring Test findings by other laboratory tests, because like all tests. it is not immune from human error, particularly from individuals with insufficient training, improper technique, or misleading overconfidence. Examination of patients with intractable medical problems should not only include the body, but also the home environment. including testing for harmful electromagnetic fields, as well as what the patient routinely eats. wears, or does.

Chronic Pain and Postherpetic Neuralgia

KOSAIRAI HOSPITAL Hideo Yamamura, M.D., Ph.D., F.I.C.A.E.

103 Koyama 3-4-17. Shinagawaku, Tokyo TEL: 03-3716-811l

When a noxious stimulus damages peripheral tissue, an electrical discharge occurs and is transmitted through nervous pathways to the spinal cord. There are two kinds of neurons which receive the noxious input in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. They are playing an important roles in acute pain and chronic pain as well. Peripheral tissue injury provokes two kinds of modification in the responsiveness of the nervous system. Peripheral sensitization: The Sensitivity of nociceptors in the periphery can be modified by the combination of chemicals that act synergistically as a "sensitizing soup". These chemicals are produced by damned tissue adn by sympathetic terminals. Central sensitization: Peripheral injury may result in expansion, of receptive fields and decrease in the threshold of dorsal horn neurons. Consequently, innocuous input may generate pain (allodynia), increase pain to suprathreshold stimulation (hyper-algesia) and develope.of spontaneous pain. The central sensitization results by the NMDA. receptor mechanisms. The activation of NMDA. receptor changes the level of second messengers in the spinal neurons. Second messenger activates an immediate-early gene products such as c-fos and lead to prolonged functional changes in the nervous system. Postherpetic neuralgia(PHN) is a chronic pain with skin changes in a dermatomal distribution following acute herpes zoster. According to the pathological study, PHN my be associated with myelitis as well as radiculitis and lesion in the peripheral nerves.

The treatment of PHN includes nerve block, Acyclovir, acupuncture etc. but still depressingly unsatisfactory.

Study of Biological Information Recorded on Roentgen Film -.four cases of lung cancer

Heiichi Yano, M.D., Ph.D.1P) Satoshi Ayuzawa, M.D. 2)

1) Intethal Medicine, Kashiwa Hospital, Jikei University School of Medicine, Chiba, Japan.

2) Department of Neurosurgery, University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan


Purpose: To study if additional qualitative biological information is recorded on roentgen film other than the morphological information obtained by the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (ORT). ( see Omura Y. Acupuncture & Electro-Tberapeutics Res., Int., J., Vol 19 pp 39-63, 1994).

Materials & Methods : Four patients histologically confirmed as having lung cancer:2 with adenocarcinoma, 1 with squamous cell carcinoma, 1 with small cell carcinoma.

We performed ORT using indirect method along straight lines every 1-2 mm drawn on tracing paper which was attached on roentgen film. The reference control substance was Oncogene C-fos Ab2. We evaluated resonance reaction following Omura's original methods by changing the test fingers stepwise. The strongest resonance reaction was scored as (+5) in this study.

Results: (I) Primary wd metastatic lesions had the strongest reaction (+5), though the lesions which overlapped with bones (rib, vertebra) had negative (0 to (+5)). (2) Other than the cancer lesions, the strongest resonance reaction (+5) was found on the center of ipsilateral ''Zongfu" and "Dathui". The reaction in the ''Zongfu'' extended like a centered ring and a tab (meridian?) toward the outside. We noticed moderate resonance reaction in die inner surface of the trachea and bilateral hilar bronchi. No resonance existed on large vessels. (3) Using microscopic slides of a histological type of lung cancer as a reference control substance, the slide of an identical histological type to the subject chosen for analysis had the strongest reaction (+5), whether ORT preceded the histological diagnosis or not. All remaining slides had weaker resonance reactions. (4) We also noticed similar biological information on films of MRI, gallium scintigram, and bone scintigram.

Discussion: This study strongly suggests that roentgen film taken from patients had not only morphological information, such as size and shape, but also qualitative biological infomation related to Oncogens, tsubo and meridian. We also noticed the strongest to moderate resonance reaction in tsubo ("Zongfu'' and "Dathui") and die inner surface of the large bronchi, where cancer lesions could not be visualized. As Omura's study indicated, Oncogen C-fos Ab2 alone is only one of 5 parameters which coexists in cancer and pre-cancer tissue. By itself, Oncogen C-fog Ab2 cannot be used for diagnosis without examining the other 4 co-existing parameters in cancer or pre-cancer tissue, since many factors including electro-magnetic field exposure can increase Oncogen C-fog Ab2, However, it can be used as a part of screening for potential cancer tissue and for location.

Address correspondence to., 163-1 Kashiwa-shita. Kashiwa. Chiba, 277, Japan

Concerning Viral and Bacterial Infections and Treatment for Cancer Patients in the Terminal Stage and Patients With Recurrent Cancer

Masanori Yokouchi, M.D.1, Kazuya, M.D.2,

I) Yokouchi Chnic 2) HitotodyaChc


In February 1995, during the treatment of a patient with both rectal cancer and pulmonary metastasis, shadows associated with bone metastasis were recognized on her X-ray. However, as the general condition of the patient was good, there was some doubt about the bone metastasis and therefore, the O-Ring Test (BDORT) was performed. The results of the test did not indicate cancer but rather symptoms of viral and bacterial infection. After checking for virus and bacteria in the cancer cells and in the area around the carcinoma, 2 or 3 conclusions were drawn, stemming from earlier published work by Omura Y.

Materials & Methods

73 new cancer patients in the terminal stage or with recurrent cancer visited the clinic between March 1995 and March 1996. The breakdown was as follows: breast cancer, 15; stomach cancer, 10; colon carcinoma, 9; bronchogenic cancer, 8; pancreatic carcinoma, 4; liver cancer, 3; brain tumor, 3; carcinoma oesophagi, 2; others, 18. The BDORT for viral and bacterial infections was performed.


55 among these patients showed higher levels of Oncogene C-fos Ab2, Integrin51, Hg, and Ach 0. Results were influenza A,91%; influenza B, 73%; CMV, 85%; HSV1, 36%; HSV2, 11% and RSV, 5.5%. Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria was detected in 95% of the patients and St.aur. was found in 10%. Pseudomonas were not detected. Viral and bacterial infections were found in 100% of these cancer patients.


From the above results it was discovered through BDORT that not only cancer but also viral and bacterial infections aggravate cancer patients. Through BDORT the proper treatment was also determined. As a result, the above 4 criteria of carcinoma disappeared in 53 patients and they improved. 20 died.

Standard Laboratory Test (X-ray with Barium Enema, Colono-Fiberscopic Examination of the Colon, and Histopathological Examination of Pathological Tissues) Evaluation of 237 Pathological Areas of Colon Where Strong Bi-Digital O-Ring Test Cancer Positive , Response was Found, in 147 Patients

Yasuhiro Shimotsiura, M.D., F.I.C.A.E. Director of, Shimotsuura Hospital., Executive Secretary, Japan Bi-Digital O-Ring Test Association., ORT Life Science Research Institute, Kurume, Japan; Research Asswiate. Heart Disease Research Foundadon, New Yolk.

Yoshiaki Omum, M.D., Sc.D., F.A_C.A., F.I.C.A.E. Director of Medical Research, Heart Disease Research Foundation, New York, USA;President, International College of Acupuncture and Electrc-Tberapeudcs, New York, USA


Purpose: In order to study the degree of reliability of the cancer positive response found by Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, cancer positive tissues by Bi-Digital O-Ring Test were evaluated with standard histopathological examination.

Materials & Methods: 147 patients ( 63 males. 94 females, ranging from 2l-78 years old who visited Shimotsuura Hospital Out-Patient Clinic, Kurume, Japan for a general check-up for a period of about 14 months after April, 1995 ) who were found to have cancer positive response by Bi-Digital O-Ring Test in the colon. On these patients, a total of 237 O-Ring Test cancer positive areas were examined. Cancer screening was made using Omura's method of detecting pre-cancer or cancer (discovered several years ago), which looks for the co-existence of a strong positive for Oncogene C-fos Ab2, Integrin 51 & Mercury, and disappearance of acetylcholine. The exact location of the positive areas were mapped on the body surface. Subsequently, standard laboratory tests were performed on these patients with Barium enema, Optic Fiber evaluation of the colon, and microscopic evaluation of pathological tissues.

Results: 1) There were 237 locations which satisfied the co-existence of the 4 parameters for pre-cancer or cancer. 2) Among the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test cancer positive areas. standard laboratory tests confirmed 158 pathological areas (66.6% agreement with standard laboratory tests). 3) Patho-histological examination results were as follows: a) Adenocarcinoma of the colon: 3 locations (1.2% of an the O-Ring positive areas (237) and 2.0 % of l47 patients) b) Polyp due to adenoma of the colon: 90 locations (38% of all the O-Rjng positive areas (237) and 61% of 147patients) c) Hyperplastic polyp: 50 locations (21.1 % of all the O-Ring positive areas (237) and 34% of 147 patients) d) Inflammatory polyp: 13 locations (5.5% of all the O-Ring positive areas (237) and 8.8% of l47 patients) e) Erythema: 2 locations (0.8% of all O-Ring positive areas and 1.4% of 147 patients). Together with polyp due to adenoma, 93 locations were correlated (39.2% agreement between O-Ring Test finding and that of standard labs tests).

Discussion: In O-Ring Test cancer positive areas, protruding pathological changes were discovered in high frequencies but the detection of the actual cancer itself was of a small percentage (less than 2% of patients came for general check-ups). However, if polyp due to adenoma is considered as a pre-cancer state, detection rate of pre-cancer is more than 50%. According to the present medical diagnostic standard, some of the pathological changes are classified as hyperplastic polyps or inflammatory polyps; but, The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test also indicates an identical response to pre-cancer or cancer. This suggests that some of the tissues presently considered to be benign and have nothing to do with pre-cancer or cancer may in reality be pre-cancer itself. In order to differentiate such a subtle point, further research for the refinement of the necessary conditions for differential diagnosis is needed. This study indicated that the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test is a very useful, powerful diagnostic tool for the screening of cancer and pre-cancer tissue and so every physician should take advantage of it, since there are no better simple. safe, and economical methods which have as high a detection rate as the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test cancer screening method.

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