Studying on the Objective Test of Meridian

Prof. Wang Xuetai, China

There exists close relationship between meridians and Bi-Digital O-Ring Test. So, this article will give an introduction on some new developments of meridians research in China. These new developments are mainly on the research in the objective test of meridians. For example, acupuncturing the points can lead to the propagated sensation along the channels and organ reaction. By means of it, we observed that the distribution of positive blocking points have an obvious tendency of conduction along channels; we objecting radioisotope technetium (Tc99m, Tc90m) into acupoints, routes of the migration have been noticed conceding basically with the topography of meridians; we testing skin low resistance points and high potential points with improved appliance and means, results showed that they have an obvious property of conduction along channels; inputting acoustic information into acupoints, we observed that the migration line is almost exactly fitted into the channels described by the TCM; using the specially designed infrared camera, we photographed there is an isothermal zone in human body which is in basic accordance with the meridians.



Toshikatsu KITADE

Dept. of the Third Clinic of Oriental Medicine, Meiji College of Oriental Medicine:

Hiyoshi-cho, Funai-gun, Kyoto 629-03, JAPAN (TEL: 81-771-72-1181)

{Objective} We recently attempted to map the heart meridian on the skin of subjects, using the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT), and to compare the thus-obtained image with the classical meridian chart. {Method} (1) The subjects were 7 healthy volunteers. (2) The subjects form a ring with their first and fourth fingers, while holding a normal myocardial preparation in the palm of the other hand. The skin of the subjectfs arms is compressed slightly at various points by a rod made of insulating material. At the same time, the ring is pulled by the examiner, to determine whether the finger ring opens (a response which indicates that the compressed point is related to the myocardium) or does not open (a response which indicates that the compressed point is not related to the myocardium). Some other preparations of the normal heart were also used in this test. (3) The location of the acupoint Shaohai was examined using the BDORT. Each subject received this test 6 times during the 18 day study period. {Result} (1) In all 5 of the subjects, regular circles and thin lines connecting these circles could be depicted on the anterior lunar surface of the upper limb. (2) In 4 cases, the location of the Shohai moved within an area of 8.9~17.6mm on average. (3) A line identical to the heart meridian was depicted on the right brachium when the subjects held a preparation of the pulmonary valve, tricuspid valve, right atrium and coronary artery. The same line was depicted on the right forearm when the subjects held a preparation of the coronary artery and right ventricle. These lines were partially interrupted. {Discussion and Conclusion} Of the 9 acupoints, from HT1(Jiguan) to HT9(Schaochong), which were depicted as regular circles, only the terminal point had a diameter of 3mm and the other acupoints had a diameter of about 6mm. The area inside the circle showed no relationship to the myocardium (it resembled the frame of a pair of spectacles). The BDORT, which can be used to make an image of the invisible acupoints and meridians on the skinfs surface, will contribute to clarifying meridians.


Chifuyu Takeshige M.D., Ph.D., F.I.C.A.E.

Showa University

Index of Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT) is the opening force against to closing force making O-Ring with finger due to voluntary finger flexor muscle contraction.

It is considered that the voluntary flexor muscle movement is regulated by descending serotonergic pathway originated from the raphe nucleus. On the other hand, it is known that BDORT is not successful under closing eyes, and that the pineal body contains high concentration of serotonin and is responsible to light.

The possibility that involvement of the pineal body in the BDORT was examined by BDORT in this patient who suffered from the cancer of the pineal body. In this patient, BDORT which responded to a) stimulation of organ-representative area of the thymus, b) Stimulation of the distal portion during compression of the upper arm in direct method and c) stimulation of the responsive area of the skin to lung and the pineal body cancer which was previously examined in indirect method was not be performed successfully. These results implied that the pineal body might be involved in initiation of the BDORT.


Bjorn E. W. Nordenstrom, M.D., Ph. D.

Karolinska Institute Stockholm, Sweden

Structure and Function in our world are always based on Energy. This must also be the case for the O-Ring Test of Prof. Omura, Y. Energy is, however, difficult to define. The well-known equation of Einstein, E=mc2 tells us tells us that matter and function are expressions of energy. Einstein tried to make a general definition of all energy but failed. One reason is the characteristics of energy to appear in many forms. (A piece of firewood contains energy. By burning it, light and heat are formed. The heat can boil water, producing pressure, which can produce mechanical energy, driving an electrical generator, producing electricity, etc.). Physicists have found that structure and function in our physical world are most closely developed from electromagnetic energy (EMF). The electromagnetic field tends to circulate everywhere during expansion or condensation. The EMF consists of various amplitudes and wavelengths (the Wawy Field, or the Unified EMF). At condensation the waves appear as particles (matter). They form larger particles, atoms, molecules etc., by a process here called gProliferationh. At various degrees of Proliferation, matter starts to enter a phase of gRegressionh, tending to deteriorate for returning to its origin, the Wavy Field. This is expressed in the vacuum diagram. Non-biological matter has therefore developed from EMF. The circulating EMF makes co-transport of charged particles such as electrons in metal (i.e. gelectronic electricityh). By circulation in electrolytes EMF makes co-transport of ions (i.e. gionic electricityh). The EMF then functions also in gsmall copiesh, i.e. in electrophoresis like its origin, the Wavy Field, and starts processes of Proliferation and Regression. When a multitude of ions interact with each other as a result of circulation, non-biological matter proliferates rapidly into complex Biological Matter (and Function). These interacting processes are based on the existence of the BCEC-system (Biologically Closed Electric Circuits). We can therefore include also circulation of biological matter into the vacuum diagram. Activation of BCEC is always followed by Proliferation and Regression of Matter in an endless circulation. These events make no principle difference between development (gLifeh) and deterioration (gDeathh) of Non-biological and Biological Matter.

K. Ito*, C. L. Ye*, K. Hibi*, Y. Kasai*, S. Akiyama*, H. Takagi*, G. Ito**, M. Suzuki**

*Dept. of Surg. 2, Nagoya Univ., School of Medicine, **Dept.of Pathol. 1, Aichi medical Univ.

{Aim} To know the mechanism of disappearing tumor by direct electric current the treatment of solid tumor in rats and in clinical cases were done. Materials and Method: Yoshida Sarcoma cells were injected intradermally to Donryu rats and 5 days later when the sizes of tumor were 12-15 mm indiameter ,0.3 mm thin platinum wires were inserted to the tumor, Then the electrodes were connected to certain constant amplifier for one hour per day. this was repeated for following 3 days. The sizes of tumors were measured every other day and pathological specimens were obtained in several stages of treatment. DNA nick end labeling was performed by the method of Gavrieli et al. DNA extraction and electrophoresis were done in principle by the method reported by Wyllie et al. As for the clinical trial, 10 cases of far advanced recurrent rectal cancer without metastasis, one renal cancer, one squamous cell cancer of the foot and one sarcoma of the vocal cord. 2-5 mA of direct current were used for 2 hours/time, twice/day, for 5 days continuously.

{Result} In animal experiment 4/10 of 3 mA, 13/16 of 1 mA, and 5/14 of 0.5 mA disappeared the tumor within 21 days. Positive results of DNA nick end labeling and ladder patterns in the gel electrophoresis of DNA were observed in the specimen of regressing tumor. As for the clinical trial, in one case a breakage of the electrode under the skin caused the skin ulcer. No other side effect was seen. One CR, 6PR, 3NR, and one PD were observed. One died of subarchinoidal hemorrhage just after the treatment and one is too short after treatment to evaluate.

{Conclusion}The effectiveness of the direct electric current for the treatment of solid tumor was confirmed in both animal and clinical use and the Apoptosis was observed in the process of the disappearing tumor.

The Therapy with Electromagnetic Field for Malignant Tumor
Hiroaki Nakajima

The 1st Dept. of Internal Medicine, Showa University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan

{Purpose} To investigate whether higher local concentration of anti-tumor drugs could be achieved by electrochemical treatments (ECT), we measured the concentrations of intravenous doxorubicin as the chemotherapeutic agent in the tumor compared to non-tumor areas when administered under the influence of an electrically generated magnetic field.

{Materials and Methods} Sixteen Donryu rats (male, 6-week-old) were used in this experiment. Seven days before the start of the experiment each experimental group; an ECT group and a control group. In an ECT group, electromagnetic field generator was used to apply a 10-milliGauss magnetic field through a insulated wire loop placed on the skin around the tumor mass. After 60 minutes, the doxorubicin (1 mg/kg body weight) was injected through a tail vein. The magnetic field was applied for an additional 30 minutes, and then the animal was killed by cervical dislocation. The tumor and normal abdominal wall at least 2 cm away from the tumor were immediately removed. In the control group, the anesthetized rats were done the same thing without ECT.

{Results} In the control group, the doxorubicin concentration in the tumor averaged 68.3% of that in normal tissue. The application of ECT was able to increase the local concentrations of doxorubicin compared with controls (p?0.05).

{Conclusion} We can achieve greater concentrations of chemotherapeutic agents at the tumor by applying electrically generated magnetic field.


V. P. Lysenyuk

Dept. of Non-Orthodox Medicine, Ukrainian National Medical University, Kiev, Ukraine

Electromagnetic radiations in the mm range at very low intensity (less than 10 mW/cm2) show certain interactions with biological objects. Described effects are not thermal. As was established by different research teams, the human body has characteristic resonance frequencies in the mm range. They are produced in the body and build up so-called electromagnetic frame. It can be considered as a communication system for cells and organs and matches the acupuncture meridians and points. The electlomagnetic frame function is altered in case of pathology. Its restoration is achieved with the aid of MRT which should provide: 1) exact selection of the individual resonance frequency; 2) subsequent microwave stimulation of the proper acupuncture points; 3) maintaining the appropriate time parameters of radiation. Since electromagnetic waves are given at very low intensity, side effects are not observed. More than 10 years experience of MRT application has proved its efficiency for the regulation treatment and improvement of the body resistance facing more and more unfavorable factors in the contemporary conditions.

The Role of Environmental Electro-Magnetic Fields in the Genesis of Cancer and Other Intractable Medical Problems & Drug Uptake Enhancement Using Electrical, Magnetic, or Electro-Magnetic Fields

Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., Sc. D., F. A. C. A., F. I. C. A. E.

Director of Medical Research, Heart Disease Research Foundation, New York; President, International College of Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics, New York; Visiting Research Prof., Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Manhattan Collage, Blonx, New York; Prof., Dept. of Non-Orthodox Medicine, Ukrainian National Medical University, Kiev, Ukraine Visiting Prof., Dept. of Physiology, Showa University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan

Prolonged, repeated exposure to electro-magnetic fields from cellular phone, microwave oven, or often unrecognized electro-magnetic fields with extremely high frequency in home or office environment, or ultraviolet light in strong sunlight may play a significant role in the genesis of cancer, or intractable cardiovascular diseases. Exposure to electro-magnetic field in the vicinity of 60Hz AC, computer, television, microwave oven, cellular phone, as well as (+) electrical field from wrist watch, magnetic field from North pole from telephone or credit card can induce circulatory disturbance with increase in Thromboxane B2 (the presence of which indicates a circulatory disturbance) and decrease in Acetylcholine, and inhibit drug uptake.

On the average, more than 85% of individuals wearing battery-0perated wrist watches on their left wrist have a marked decrease in drug uptake in the left side of the body, including the left side of the brain, because the (+) polarity of the watch battery is facing or contacting their skin. Not only can this be reversed, but also circulation and drug uptake can be improved by wearing a watch in which the (-)pole of the battery faces or contacts the skin. According to our previous study, application of (-) electrical field, or South pole of magnetic field directly above the abnorma1 organ, or on its corresponding organ representation area, can improve circulation and enhance drug uptake during the treatment of infection or cancer. When the body is exposed to more than 10-25 V/m electrical field or more than 3-5 milligauss magnetic field at extremely low frequency (ELF) of between 5Hz-2 kHz, or more than 1 V/m-2.5 V/m of electrical field or 0.3-0.5milligauss of magnetic field at very low frequency (VLF) of between 10 kHz-400KHz?Oncogene C-fos Ab-2 and Thromboxane B2 appear, and Acetylcholine and drug uptake decrease in an amount Approximately proportional to the intensity of the field. In the exposed area of the body. However, when the frequency of the electro-magnetic field is very high, additional Integrin a5s1 appears during the exposure and the higher the frequency, both Ocogene C-fos Ab2 and Integrina5s1 remain even after EMF exposure is discontinued.

Time duration of such after effects increases when the frequency range exceeds several hundred MHz. These effects can be reversed by the application of (+) Qi Gong energy stored paper. As expected from its extremely high frequency electro-magnetic wave photons, direct exposure of the human body to ultraviolet light from natural sunlight produces significant effects. Since the ozone layer, which absorbs the ultraviolet light from the sun, is believed to have been reduced markedly by the increased release of the industrial product, chlorofluorocarbons, particularly over the past 20 years, the intensity of ultraviolet light is expected, to have increased. Normally, L-Amino acids are a major component of the human body, found at concentration from 7- 15 times greater than D-Amino acids. However, when the human body is exposed to extremely high frequency of over several hundred MHz, L-Amino acids will be converted to D-Amino acids, and there will be more D-Amino acids than L-Amino acids. For example, amino acids changed from L to D as a result of 3 minutes exposure to cellular phone often remain for more than 2-3 weeks. It is important to note that in pre-cancer or cancer tissue more D-Amino adds exist than?L-Amino acids. According to our previous study, in pre-cancer and cancer tissue, the following 5 parameters coexist:

1) marked increase in Oncogene C-fos Ab2,

2) marked increase in Integrina5s1,

3) marked increase in Hg,

4) disappearance of Acetylcholine,

5) presence of virus infection. Since exposure to EMF with extremely high frequency can immediately induce 3 of these 5 parameters, if additional intake of Hg and viral infection exist, all the necessary parameters for the induction of cancer will then be present. By examining for the presence of markedly increased Onecogene C-fos Ab2 or Integrina5s1, the author has been successful for the past several years in screening for cancer and determining its exact location non-invasively using the Bi-Digital O-Ring test resonance phenomenon between 2 identical substances. By examining patients with cancers of various organs, such as breast, lung, stomach, colon, and malignant melanoma, we usually found markedly reversed ratio of L-Amino acids to D-Amino acids in the cancer positive area, indicating most cancer tissue appears to have extremely high frequency electro-magnetic field injury. As an entry point of the strong EMF to the cancer positive area, we often find corresponding biochemical abnormality with similar shape and area on the back of the patient, and corresponding EMF with extremely high frequency that can be Detected by Bi-Digital 0-Ring test as an extremely sensitive bio-sensor. but cannot be detected by standard electrical field meter of frequency range below 21 GHz. Before cancer is discovered, most commonly the individuals sleep in the same bed for more than 10 years, often in the same house. Particularly when 2 or more electro-magnetic fields with extremely high frequency exist in the bed, at the crossing point of these electro-magnetic fields, the intensity of the electro-magnetic field is strongest, and the part of the body where cancer is discovered almost always corresponds to this area of strongest magnetic field in the bed. These electro-magnetic fields can often be eliminated by simply placing a metal sheet, such as aluminum or copper foil or sheet, either under the mattress or under the sheet if the field is very strong, the sheet may need to be grounded.


Shigeaki Yamamoto M.D., Director, O-Ring Test Clinic, Chikamori Hospital, Japan

The circumstances concerning the formation of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test and its basic methods are reviewed in this report, which is based not only on the many articles and books published by Dr. Yoshiaki Omura but also on many of his lectures.

(The formation of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test)

Dr. Yoshiaki Omura graduated from the departments of both electrical engineering and medicine, and became the professor of both departments in various universities. He was interested in the relationship between organ representation points and tender points from his university days. He succeeded in acupunctual anesthesia for the first time in U.S.A. in 1972. After this episode, he thoroughly investigated the effects of acupuncture on microcirculation, cerebral circulation, and the neuromuscular system. In addition, he took note of the Applied Kinesiology Dysfunction Localization Principle which shows muscle weakening on stimulation in an abnormal region. He found that finger muscles are more appropriate for testing than large muscles. Moreover, he published an article on the relationship between brain circulation and the grasping force of the hand in 1978. He found that examining muscle-weakening on stimulation by pressure is conspicuously more sensitive to diagnose an abnormal region than examining tenderness. He discovered that light within a certain range of its wavelength or an electro-magnetic field can also be used for stimulation in the former method. He examined many patients with confirmed diagnoses to determine accurate organ representation points: he discovered and used the resonance phenomenon To determine accurate organ representation points: muscle tone charges when the same molecule of the organ is put in close proximity. Using the organ representation points, he applied the finger muscle test to clinical diagnoses. After a long series of tests which confirmed the results with modern medicine, he established the gBi-Digital O-Ring Testh and it was published in 1981.

<The basis of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test>

A. Basic methods of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

1. Arrangement

Things with electric or magnetic fields (e.g. TV sets, computers, batteries, magnetic cards, etc.), chemicals, drugs, foods, drinks. Tobacco, etc. should be removed. Accessories and thing in pockets should be set aside. The examinee is asked to form a fairly I?perfect circle (0-Ring) by touching the tips of the thumb and one finger (e.g. the index finger) of one hand. The other hand should be fisted and held away from the trunk of the body.

2. Test of the finger force

The examiner inserts a pair of his fingers (e.g. the index fingers) into the examineefs O-Ring, and joins them to his thumbs to make circles around the examinee's O-Ring. Then he pulls the examineefs O-Ring outward from both sides with his finger-circles, trying to open the 0-Ring, while the examinee resists it.

3. Finding the right fingers for the Test

The examiner should test for the right combination of fingers which fulfills the following three necessary conditions for the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test: (1) the examineefs O-Ring can not be Opened when the examiner pulls the O-Ring apart with his finger-circles; (2) the O-Ring can be too easily opened to a fairly full extent when the examiner adds a pair of additional fingers (e.g. the middle fingers) and pulls. When the examineefs force is stronger than the examinerfs, another weaker O-Ring (e.g. using the thumb and the middle finger, the thumb and the third finger, or the thumb and the little finger may be tried. When the examinee's force is weaker than the examinerfs, the examiner may try other weaker finger-circles (e.g. formed with the thumbs and the middle fingers). If no good match is found, the examineefs other hand may be tried. If a good match is found, the third condition should be tested: (3) Each time When the examinee changes the position of his head in four different directions (i.e. head downward, head backward, and head rotated to the right and to the left) and the examiner pulls the O-Ring with a pair of fingers forming the circles as in the first condition, the force of the O-Ring should not change at all. A correct match of fingers is able to give a reliable Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, if it satisfies all three conditions.

4. The Direct Bi-Digital O-Ring Test and the Indirect Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

When the examinee (client) uses his own fingers for the test, it is called the Direct Bi-Digital O-Ring Test. When a client has not appropriate fingers to form an O-Ring for the test or cannot use his fingers well, the test can be done through a third person who has an appropriate fingers, by conducting electro-magnetic fields from the client to the third person by a metal wire or a laser beam. This is called the Indirect Bi-Digital O-Ring Test.

B. Organ representation points (organ representation areas)

Corresponding to an abnormal organ, the responding point (or area), Which is sensitive to micro-stimulation, appears on the surface of the body, generally the point (or areas) nearest to the abnormal region. In other wards, the abnormal region is perpendicularly under the responding point (or area) in usual cases. Occasionally, electro-magnetic reflection in the anatomy, meridians, neurology or embryology must be taken into consideration.

C. The theory and practice of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

1. The Dysfunction Localization Method

If there is a dysfunction in a certain organ, the O-Ring will open when it is pulled apart as the corresponding organ representation point (on the body surface) is stimulated, because the muscle force is weakened through a brain response, which decreases the muscle tone of the whole body.

2. The Drug Compatibility

Electro-magnetic fields are generated by drugs (or substances). When the examinee puts such a drug (or substance) in the palm of his hand or points at it with his finger, his muscle force is changed through a brain response. The muscle force is weakened when the drug is harmful to the examinee, in contrast, the muscle force is strengthened when the drug is useful. The dose on the palm is judged to be optimum, When the muscle force is changed into its maximum as several dosages are tested. The interaction of several drugs can be judged as well. Moreover, the drug compatibility with each organ can be judged, as the corresponding organ representation point is stimulated when the drug is put on the palm.

3. The molecular Identification (and Localization) method

Electro-magnetic fields with the same properties are generated by substances with the same molecular structures, and a resonance phenomenon occurs between two substances which have the same molecular structures. When the examineefs hand (or finger) senses the electro-magnetic field with the same properties as he has in his body, his muscle force is weakened through a brain response. A samp1e of a minute amount (e.g. microscopic slides of a certain organ, malignant tumor, microorganism etc.) is used as a control reference substance for the resonance phenomenon. If the muscle force of the O-Ring is weakened when a minute amount certain sample is put on the examineefs palm, it is supposed that the same substance is present in a morbid condition. Likewise, if the muscle force is weakened when the sample is put on the palm and the organ representation point is stimulated, it is supposed that the same Substance is present in the corresponding organ (regardless of a normal or morbid condition). If a kit of various samples is prepared, biological, biochemical, bacteriological, and pathological diagnoses are possible.

4. The Imaging Technique

This technique can be applied to each of the diagnoses mentioned above. The muscle force is unchanged when micro stimulation is applied to the region without dysfunction. It is also unchanged where the same substance is absent. Thus plotting a series of boundaries where the response to stimulations is changed makes the imaging of the organ or the lesion possible. This imaging makes it possible to gain more information than the diagnostic imaging of modern medicine, namely MRI, CT, US, etc. In this report the formation and the basis of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test have been reviewed. Dr. Yoshiaki Omura continues to makes discoveries one after another, and he publishes the articles in Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics Research, The International Journal. I hope this report helps you to understand the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, which continues to evolve. Please read the original articles by Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, which will help you understand the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test better.

Improved Objective Continuous Muscle Force Mesuring Instrument during the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test by the Use of Compressed Air System, and ''Notch Phenomenon'' Appearing on the O-Ring Test Response Curve or the Computerized Display System

Yasuhiro Shimotsuural.2.M.D.,FI.I.C.A.E.; Brother Micheal Losco2.3,M.S. (E.E.),F, I.C.A.E. ; Yoshiaki Omura1.2.3,M.D.,Sc.D.,F. I.C.A.E. ;Hiromasa Takeuchi4; Hideki Ohtake5

ORT Life Science Institute1, Kurume, Japan; Heart Disease Research Foundation2,New York;Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Manhattan College3, New York, Universal System Control Inc.4, Osaka, Japan; Sanyo Sangyo Inc.5, Ibaragi, Japan

In order to make a reliable objective muscle force measurements during Bi-Digital O-Ring Test. following 3 different methods or driving forces were examined by constructing Instruments, (I) Electrical motor driving method (2) Spring driving method (3) Compressed Air driving method. However, Our previous study indicated that because of the interferences of electrical field and electro-magnetic field, there was some problems in using a electrical motor driving method. Spring driving method has also disadvantages in order to make a reliable measurements, since very long and strong spring is required, and thin-short spring lost force rapidly. Because of limitations associated with electrical motor driving method and spring driving method, improved compressed air driving system has been used successfully.

O-Ring test Continuous measuring device has a following components; 1. O-Ring Pulling Apparatus (1) 0-Ring pulling Apparatus of a compressed air driving system (2)Shape and material of O-Ring pulling device (3)Function of O-Ring pulling device (4)Connection of compressed air driving system and control system (5)Double shielding of electro-magnetic field of O-Ring pulling device 2. Control system used for O-Ring test continuous measuring device has a following components; (1)Connections between electrical control system and compressed air system (2)Function of control system (3)Function of computer for displaying continuous change of force. 3. Computerized continuous display system 4. Printer 5. Air compressor

RESULTS: During the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test computer display of the finger pressure change, Appearance of gNotch Phenomenonh characterized by the sudden decrease in pressure before opening O-Ring were observed.

DISCUSSION: This gNotch Phenomenonh not distinctive, when electrical motor driving method or spring driving method was used. Appearance of one early Notch characterized by a small triangular shaped negative pressure may have important clue for the neuro-physiological mechanism of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test.

Application of Bi-Digital O-Ring Test in Dental Practice

Akira Fukuoka, D.D.S., Ph.D., F.I.C.A.E.

President of Meitokukai Fukuoka Dental Clinic Research, Laboratory of Oriental Medicine

1. Determination of an affected tooth at the time of failure of causative tooth identification.

2. Confirmation of affected and inflammatory lesions of dental diseased and examination of their subsequent courses.

3. Estimation of drug compatibility and optimal dose.

4. Aids in the identification of infectious viruses, selection of antibiotics, and confirmation of penetration of drugs into lesions.

5. Determination of acupuncture points for toothache, trigeminal neuralgia, facial palsy, arthrosis of the temporomandibular joint, etc.

6. Imaging of the region of pain, paralysis, infection of bacteria and virus, and accumulation of heavy metals.

7. Index for the determination of mandibular position (vertical dimension and horizontal mandibular position).

8. Index for the diagnosis of intraoral tumors.

9. Understanding of physical conditions of patients.

10. Index for the determination of level of the stress of immunity

11. Index for the understanding of meridian related to other oral diseases (stimulation of Source points and Terminal points) and selection of indicated acupuncture points.

12. Else.

Application of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test to Oriental Medicine

Munetaka Morishita

Tokoname Institute of Oriental Medicine

The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT), developed by Professor Omura in the United States, is widely known as the latest in electromagnetic physics and neurophysiology in the world, as well as the latest, precise, scientific diagnostic method of the best of modern medicine. I have devoted many years of study concerning the application of BDORT to Oriental medicine, the foundation of which is Qi, or spirit, chi, the blood, and mizu, the bodily fluids other than blood. If these fundamental diagnoses could be confirmed scientifically, Oriental medical therapy should come close to perfection.

1. With regard to blood, I believe that the diagnosis of blood can be confirmed by Professor Omura's method using thromboxane B2 (TxB2), or my own method using human coagulant (excerpt from the Japan Second Annual Bi-Digital 0-Ring Test Meeting p.19, April 1992) and my own book "Introduction to Oriental Medicine" , Kampo Edition, (p.207-208, 1992 Taniguchi Shobo) as well as the article Oketsu Research , p.8-9, 1992, "Oketsu" Medical Society.

2. With regard to fluids, my own method using human serum is not yet complete (Oketsu Research p.8-9, 1992 "Oketsu" Medical Society), but I look forward to future studies, and I believe the prospects are bright.

3. With regard to spirit, I presented a method using a magnet (excerpt from the Japan Fourth Annual Bi-Digital O-RingTest Meeting, p.42, May 1994), but its mechanism is unknown, and further studies in this regard are most urgently needed.

The purpose of this seminar/workshop was to describe the progress made in the United States with regard to the Bi-Digital O-RingTest. Up until a year ago, it was in the stone age in the United States, but it has made remarkable progress in the past year. I hope I have provided you with some information with regard to its application in Oriental medicine.


V.P.Lsenyuk, Dept. of Non-Orthodox Medicine, Ukrainian National Medical University, Kiev, Ukraine

Omura Test (0.T.) is integrated into the arsenal of non-orthodox medicine. An increasing number of practitioners are using 0.T. more extensively in view of its high efficiency and affordability. To facilitate the 0.T. application currently we not only need special educational programs but also versatile research on its mechanisms. In this direction it appears important to investigate the neurophysiological bases of performing 0.T. Our clinical electrophysiological study included 2l healthy males (l8 ? 55 years old) who served as intermediaries for 0.T. Using the standard electroneuromyographic investigation of H(Hoffmann)-reflex the dynamics of the spinal motoneuronsf excitability was examined during the 0.T. weakening and strengthening responses. Statistically significant difference in the testing H-reflex. values was found for those conditions. Principally, the data obtained showed the existence of certain electrophysiological manifestations while performing 0.T. They can be used for monitoring and quantitative evaluating the 0.T. results.


YoiChiro SAKO,Minoru OZEKl , Takayoshi NAOI, Tomoko ONO

ESPER Laboratory, Sony Corporation

Purpose: The properties of the mechanism operating in the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test between human and other substances is still unclear. We report some of the discoveries regarding this mechanism.

Method: We tested with using the O-Ring sensitivity if testees could detect information from the sample through the double slit plate of Youngfs equipment. Simultaneously, we tested how a supersensitive testee could sense this information without using the O-Ring test.

Results: We observed that testee detected two peaks in O-Ring sensitivity at each position of the two slits . And, we could sec that the supersensitive testee felt the clear difference at these two positions. Moreover, many O-Ring Sensitivity peaks were observed by adding another slit plate, which can be considered as interference stripes.

Conclusion: This phenomenon observed in our experiments can hardly be explained by modern science. This information system, appearing to have incoherent properties under some circumstances, can have coherent properties in certain conditions. But as we have some problems such as repeatability, we would like to conduct further research to clear some of the unsolved issues to achieve a breakthrough in modern science.


Takayoshi NAOI , Minoru OZEKI, Tomko ONO, Yoichiro SAKO

ESPER Laboratory, Sony Corporation

Purpose: In the Bi-Digltal O-Ring Test the tester catches the change of the muscle strength as his own feeling. It is important to determine whether this change is physical or just phychological. So we tried to actually measure the muscle strength during the O-ring test.

Method: We measured the testeefs muscle strength to pull apart the closed O-ring with a strain gauge.

Results: The initial muscle strength of the testeefs O-ring measured generally between 1kg to 5kg. We observed that muscle strength was weakened by less than one half when the testees are not conscious of their 0-ring, or when they lose their balance, or when stimulus is applied to abnormal parts of their bodies as compared to when the testee tries to make conscious efforts to keep the O-ring closed.

Conclusion: Our experimental results show that it is possible to conduct the 0-ring test objectively by measuring the muscle strength of the testee's O-ring.


RYO Kondo & Tamie Ito

Medical Department, Mobil Sekiyu Kabushiki Kaisha

Thymus adjustment (making the O-Ring maximally open at the thymus representation area using an oriental herb medicine, a pair of Qi-gongnized paper, or a pair of magnets) enhances sensitivity of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (ORT). With thymus adjustment, we cold detect an abnormal area of a case where no abnormality was found without thymus adjustment. In another case, an abnormal area of 10mm in diameter became bigger (30mm in diameter) with thymus adjustment. An apparently normal chest X-ray, which had been taken one year before another chest X-ray in which an early lung cancer was found, showed a cancer response of ORT with thymus adjustment, although that film showed no abnormal response without thymus adjustment. The authors routinely incorporate the thymus adjustment in the procedure of ORT




(Purpose) Bi-Digital O-Ring Test is effected by participation of examiner, examinee and third person. Itfs principle is to physical disorder from the response of digital muscle power. In application of this test to veterinary medicine, an indirect method mediated by a third person constitutes the major procedure. However, difficult situations (danger by animals and absence of a third person) are actually sometimes encountered. A retractor which serves as a third person was devised, and traction of O-Ring formed by fingers of a third person was tested using this retractor.

(Method) Prior to the experiment, electromagnetic was generated by the tester and other instruments were examined with an electric field meter. All instruments were shielded by ground and with aluminum foil. The system used in this experiment consisted of a retractor, load selector, amplifier and recorder. O-Rings were formed by bringing the tip of the thumb with the tip of other fingers one by one, and traction was repeatedly carried out using the test retractor, at intervals of 5 - 6 seconds to eliminate phantom effects. The digital muscle power at the time when the finger tips were disunited by traction of the O-Ring was measured.

(Results) The results demonstrated distinct differences recorded in the resistance of the O-Ring formed by the thumb and each of the other fingers. Repeated basic experiments are important for widespread application of this system in veterinary medicine.

A Treatment of Herpes Zoster Using the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test
Muneyoshi Oka, M.D., Ph.D.

President, Japan Hospital Association; President, Oita Oka Hospital, Oita City, Japan

As a treatment of Herpes Zoster (HZ), intravenous injection or oral administration of Acyclovir (ACV) is common. Although this treatment has not provided satisfactory clinical results or prevention of post-herpetic-neuralgia (PHN). We developed a new localized injection therapy for HZ using the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT) and here report our initial clinical results.

We made a compound mixing ACV, xylocain, Vitamin B12 and high molecular weight substance of chondroitin sulfate. In 20 consecutive cases of HZ, this compound was injected subcutaneously in the section in which BDORT indicated positive resonance phenomenon of HZ virus (HZV).

1. Resonance phenomenon of HZV, Thromboxane B2 (TXB2) & Substance P disappeared immediately after injection in all cases.

2. Although the pain disappeared immediately after the injection in most cases, additional injection was days respectively.

3. BDORT revealed that injected ACV and chondroitin sulfate remained in the section for 2 days and 4 days respectively.

4. No concurrence of PHN was observed in 20 cases.

5. Side-reaction of the therapy was minimal.

We realized, using BDORT, that a marked increase of TXB2 existed in the section with positive response of HZV and that ACV administered intravenously did not reach sufficiently into the section. In conclusion, our new, localized injection therapy could provide sufficient ACV to the section and effectively prevent PHN in comparison with conventional intravenous ACV injection therapy.